Bariloche: Your Graduation At Its Fullest!

Graduation trips to San Carlos de Bariloche are a national icon with international projection. After 50 years providing services to student groups from all over the country, in the last few years, students from other countries in the region have also come visit us.

Out of the more than hundred thousand youngsters that visit us every year, the growth in student groups from Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela - to name a few - has been remarkable. This shows that the city of Bariloche has surpassed its role as a graduation trip destination, also welcoming fifteen-year-old girls who come to celebrate their birthday, young people who come to learn Spanish and practice adventure sports, college students, and groups of friends that just want to make the most out the mountains.

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If You're Young, Bariloche is the Place to Be.

Your graduation trip is a wonderful experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life: you'll have a great time with your friends, surrounded by an unbeatable natural environment, with the greatest infrastructure where everything is designed to make you have lots of fun. There are great shows all year round, plus the best night clubs in the country, the greatest parties and events, the best music, and the finest cuisine and hotels. You and thousands of other youngsters from all over the world are getting ready to come to Bariloche and have an incredible experience they'll never forget.

An Entire City Ready to Welcome You.


Get ready to have a one-of-a-kind experience in the capital of adventure tourism. Bariloche offers you a skiing program at the largest winter ski resort in South America, kilometers of mountain trails and huts, exclusive transfer services during the day and at night, 24-hour customer services, top-level hotels, and much more.Our 50 years of experience are at the service of your entertainment, safety and peace of mind.




Night Tour Circuit

In Bariloche, Everything Is Done with You in Mind.

Year after year, we strive to provide increasingly better services in terms of food options, hotels, tours, and healthcare so each and every student who visits us can make their dream of having an unforgettable trip come true.

As safety is also important, our night clubs meet all international standards and offer the latest sound, light, laser technology and shows.

And if you are a parent…

The variety and quality of the services provided in Bariloche grow every year. Thousands of young people in Argentina and the region have fun and learn while they enjoy good accommodation facilities and high-quality bus transportation services.

Bariloche offers the perfect scenery to perform lots of outdoor activities, always with safety in mind.Each service provided by our tour operators strictly complies with the controls and procedural protocols required to secure governmental authorization.

In the last few years, the city has adhered to more safety and quality rules, reaching the highest levels of excellence in the provision of services for young people.

Our proposals combine nightlife and fun reaching top-level standards. A third of the tourists who come to Bariloche are young and taking care of each of them when they go out is our number one priority. That is why, each night club is audited annually and certified by ISO 900 / 2008, as well as by the OSHAS 1800 / 2007 regarding safety, which ensure compliance with all international standards in force.

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