One million perfumes breathed through the soul

Bariloche is the ideal combination of adventure, nature, rest, spring snow and sun, in a paradise with many experiences to offer. A one-of-its-kind trip, with places that invite you to discover, to explore… And return once and again. Do not miss it!

Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche

Feel the immensity of the smells offered by the city in the spring, and let yourself be seduced by the intensity of its colors under the warm sun that slowly begins to melt away the winter snow. Bariloche, a different city every season.

Bariloche à la carte

Enjoy Bariloche's gastronomy all year long

Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche

Bariloche's cuisine options are astonishing. Every year, more and more options emerge, providing one of the most significant gastronomy in Argentina. Products such as craft beer, chocolate, regional foods and haute cuisine have seen the highest growth in recent years.

The extent and quality of the city's menus led to an exclusive week for gastronomy: Bariloche à la carte. In October, Bariloche will be part of this event, joining the largest cities in the world, where people, throughout one week, will have the possibility to enjoy the best of gastronomy with significant discounts, contests, tastings, raffles and culinary activities.

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Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche
Spring in Bariloche

How to get there

Winter in Bariloche
Winter in Bariloche
Winter in Bariloche

Spring in Bariloche combines nature, sun and adventure. Not only will you wanna go, you will wanna come back.

Outings in Spring


Walking around the Civic Center, getting lost among the shops on Mitre street or visiting the majestic Cathedral. If you have never been to Bariloche, these are the gates to all secrets and attractions the city has to offer. If you have already been here, there is always more to discover.

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Breweries in Spring


Bariloche has been producing artisanal beer for over 100 years, and has become a true "beer route". There are beers of many different types, and from different raw materials. Some of them are Stout, Ale, Porter, Bock and Pilsen. In 2012, the city created Beer Art, an event that celebrates and fosters all activities related to the elaboration and production of beer, to promote Bariloche as the capital of artisanal beer in Argentina.

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Sport Fishing in Spring


The sole mention of the term "Patagonia" creates expectations for every sports fisherman. The several water bodies, lakes, rivers and creeks in Bariloche are part of its incredibly beautiful nature. Excellent places that will fulfil the expectations of every sports fisherman, whether they choose spinning, fly casting or trolling.

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Spring Adventure


Adventure activities in Bariloche are designed to enjoy nature, with you at the center.
Horseback riding tours across the steppe or the woods, kayaking tours, and canoeing are just some of the quiter alternatives to see the scenery from a different place...
Now if you're up for more intense emotions, the proposal may include flying from tree cup to tree cup canopying or ziplining, or rafting down the Manso River or doing stand up rafting on the Limay.
These are just a few of the many alternaties for you to choose from.

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Lake Tours in Spring

Lake Trips

Relax navigating the blue waters of the Nahuel Huapi lake in a modern and comfortable catamaran. You can choose from among several options: Victoria island and the Myrtle Wood, Puerto Blest and Los Cántaros falls, or choose the Andean Crossing.

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Land Tours in Spring

Ground Trips

Mounts are the keepers of our city. They protect us, surround us and turn Bariloche into one of the most visited touristic destinations in Argentina and the continent. Are you visiting Bariloche? You cannot but visit at least one of the majestic mounts and tour the most traditional circuits. Visit the surroundings of Bariloche and the neighboring towns.

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What you need to know about spring


  • September 21 to December 20.
    Days become longer, with a gradual increase in temperature that ranges from 7ºC to 20ºC (44 to 68°F) towards the end of the season.


  • The most appropriate is informal, comfortable and practical clothing. We suggest using mountain footwear and warm clothes at night.


  • Drive at slow speed, to preserve traction and adherence and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid being hit by any rocks they may throw backwards.


  • Sunrise and Sunset: 6:15 a.m. / 9:20 p.m. Time Zone: GMT-3

  • TIPS

  • Voltage is 220 V and sockets are TYPE I.
    International code: +54 / Area code: 294.
    Supermarkets do not offer plastic bags.


  • Hours: Mondays through Fridays, 8.00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    The currency used is the Argentine Peso.


  • In the city center, parking is charged digitally.
    Remember to purchase credit at authorized points of sale.