Identity built upon community work.

We organize identity workshops for all community members. We invite stakeholders from all groups to take part in our workshops and share their ideas, stories and experiences. Together, we identified of Bariloche's differentiating values and its most representative elements.

Bariloche turns into a different city with each season,
always offering unique experiences to discover.





southern river otter

We take key differentiating values and generate a dynamic system, which adapts to the variable elements of the city to represent it from every standpoint.

1. Element

Elements which form Bariloche's identity result from workshops.

2. Environment

Bariloche's environment is one of the city's main values. The diversity of landscapes in the city and surrounding areas is its most distinguishing feature.

3. Season

Another highlight of Bariloche is how it changes through the seasons of the year. Seasons transform iconography.

We have already collected 500 icons from
the community. We need yours!

Bariloche's identity belongs to its people;
you can download elements to use in your own projects.