Mountains of Fun in Bariloche

You took the tours, hiked up the mountains and visited Bariloche's museums. We'll now show you other fun activities for you to keep enjoying Bariloche.

Nahuelito Park

Nahuelito Park - Patagonia Dinosaurs

A trip back in time to meet the spectacular dinosaurs through over 30 to-scale sculpture. An ideal trip for the kids.

Km 24 500, Cicuito Chico (three-hectare plot of land on Provincial Road No. 77)
(0294) 15-4598818



Combine leisure and cuisine in one single place. Cozy rooms, professional bowling alleys, pool tables and a resto bar makes bowling a fun alternative.

Bowling del Lago
Rolando 268
(0294) 4427139

Bowling Hut Shopping Patagonia.
Onelli and Elflein
(0294) 4427635

Ice Skating


Bariloche has its traditional ice skating rink in the coastal avenue, Neviska. There is also Pista Uno a new top of the range ice rink with state-of-the-art technology. A novelty, high quality plan to suit everyone!

Neviska - Ice-Skating Rink.
Av. 12 de Octubre 14
(0294) 4425100

Pista Uno -Ice-Skating Rink.
Mitre 212
(0294) 4429483

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

These are spaces for the promotion of contemporary visual artists and replicas of Michelangelo's most important pieces. Spaces for entertainment, contemplation and enjoyment of Bariloche's culture.

Mount Otto Cable Car Complex
Av Pioneros KM 5
(0294) 4441035



Bariloche's cultural agenda is a forever expanding diverse scene: theatre plays, art shows, photo exhibits, live music, bands, puppets, choirs, courses and workshops on all kinds of disciplines, so that you will always have something to do!

La Baita Theater
Moreno 39
(0294) 4435539

Asociación Teatreros Bariloche
Anasagasti and Palacios
(0294) 4435539

Estación Araucanía
Av. Bustillo 11500
(0294) 444828


Patagonia Shopping Mall and Cinema

With 16,000 square meters, three pedestrian accesses and over 50 shops, it offers a wide array of commercial outlets all under the one roof. Open 7 days a week, all year round. It has indoor parking for 170 cars, ramps and elevators for the disabled and 24x7 security. It also has three 3D cinemas for you to enjoy the latest blockbuster.

Elflein and Onelli
(0294) 4433267

Ice Bar

Ice Bar

Ice Bariloche is a modern ice bar located in the center of the city. Over 60 tons of ice are waiting for you!

España 476
(0294) 15-4203020 | 15-4530553 | 4437681

Ice Bar

Escape Room Bariloche

Have a one-of-a-kind experience in a real-time Escape game inside a theme room where players have to solve problems and riddles, follow instructions and, above all, use their ingenuity and deduction skills to escape before time’s up!”

San Martin 64
(0294) 15-4512986


Breathtaking woodland, filled with charm, where you will find sculptures of goblins, gnomes, trolls, pixies and other creatures, all within magical surroundings. Aldea Duende is open every day. Guided tours offered from 12.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. (every hour). OPEN IN RAINY DAYS

 Felix Goye S/N, Colonia Suiza
 (0294) 15-4598818

Cultural network

Cultural network

We are a group of independent rooms and spaces that get together to strengthen and foster Bariloche's cultural proposals.

This is a space for artistic training where annual courses, workshops, seminars and events are offered. Dance, music, theatre and fine arts are among the activities this center provides. Within its 300 square meters, the Center has 2 classrooms, 3 rooms equipped for physical activities and a space for perfomances with a capacity of 50 people with stage lighting and sound.
Rivadavia 547 (entre Gallardo y Tiscornia)
(0294) 442-5616

Located in front of Lake Moreno, in the Llao Llao area, 26 kilometers away from downtown Bariloche, this camp offers 6.5 hectares with a study campus. It also offers cottages where musicians and attendants to seminars can stay, and a room for rehearsals and performances with a maximum capacity of 200 people.
Calle Vivaldi 1000 (Km 25 de Av. Bustillo)
(0294) 15-457-9515

MOMA - Multiespacio
A cultural center with two rooms of approximately 90 square meters. This space offers: artistic workshops, production, drama classes, singing, dance and tanztheater, cultural events, meetings and seminars.

Traful 210
(0294) 4350916

PAICO - Casa de Arte
This building combines a covered surface of 40 square meters and a large garden to accommodate 40 people for workshops and shows. It is located within the El Frutillar neighbourhood.
Paico 617 esq. San Cayetano - Barrio El Frutillar
(0294) 4201305

At the heart of Bariloche’s Civic Center, this space offers a library with over 45.000 books, a fully-equipped theatre with a capacity of 120 people, an exhibition room, and workshop classrooms.
Centro Cívico - Bariloche

ESTACIÓN ARAUCANÍA - Arte & Espectáculos
A cultural space founded 14 years ago. It offers music, theatre, dance and cinema shows. Workshops and artistic and photographic exhibitions are also held. This space stands out because of the quality and variety of its proposals, offering performances by local, national and international artists.
Av. Bustillo 11,500
(0294) 444-8286

RAÍCES- RestoBar con espectáculos en vivo
This bar has a capacity of 50 people and a beautiful garden. Shows are offered by artists from Bariloche and other regions. In Raíces, customers feel comfortable and enjoy performances while having a great meal.
Av.Bustillo 24300
011 23173435

A theatre room with a capacity of 70 people. Dance, drama and music classes are provided and rehearsals are also carried out.

Campichuelo 1197
(0294) 154533260 o 154663284

EL BROTE- Sala de Teatro Social
An independent, self-managed social theatre where shows, workshops and rehearsals are carried out, together with other cultural and social activities. Located downtown, the theatre has two equipped rooms with a capacity of 56 people.
Beschtedt 568

This is a space where you can collaborate with artists in training, providing them with workshops and spaces for teaching practices. Leisure activities and staging preparation for national and international productions.
Onelli 170 1º piso
54 294 4579986

Pump Track

Pump Track

For bike fans, Bariloche already has a track with ramps, bankings, bowls and other obstacles designed under strict international criteria.

It is enabled for bicycles, skates, skateboards and even wheelchairs. It is mandatory to use helmets, knee and elbow pads to enter.

Costanera 400