A beautiful path through the Patagonian woods

The lodge opened in 1969/70 and has capacity to host up to 60 people. It's adjacent to Negra Lagoon and Mount Negra, approximately 1650 meters above sea level.

Departing from Colonia Suiza and before you reach Goye creek, you'll find a sign which points at the trail that leads to the lodge. The hike begins in a road full of coihues. From this location it's possible to take tours to other lodges.  

A beautiful path among woods ending with a well deserved craft beer.

At the beginning of the road there is a slight but steady ascent, of considerable width. Further ahead, the road starts to narrow, until it becomes a path, signaled with red marks. These marks can be seen in trunks and rocks, at an average height for them to be easily noticed. The road goes all the way to Goye Creek, where you can take a short break. From there, you follow a trail through coihue and lenga woods. Along the way, you will also find cypresses, radal and ñire.

You go all the way to the valley across several "mallines", wetlands with varying sizes of muddy swamps. The smaller ones can be jumped over, while others have bridges for crossing. You then get to a campsite known as Rancho Manolo, in memory of the ranch used by Manolo Puente as the basis for building the lodge. This place is easily recognizable, but it still has official signs of the Nahuel Huapi national park.

From there the slope becomes steeper. First, you cross two creeks, Navidad and Negro, or Goye. From here you'll hike along what is known as the Caracol (snail in Spanish), because the road zigzags up. Some say that the total number of possible trails is 17, but each visitor has their own version. At the end of the Caracol you will find the Negra Lagoon lodge.

Manfredo Segre Hut
Manfredo Segre Hut
Places to See
Places to Visit
Places to visit: Colonia Suiza, mount Negro, mount Manolo, Marino and Baily Willys
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level
Walking Time
Walking Time
4 to 6 hours (One way)
Hut Services
Lodge Services
Gastronomy and craft beer, with pure water from the lagoon.
14 km (8.6 miles)
800 meters above sea level