• How to get to Bariloche •

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• How to get to Bariloche •

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• How to get to Bariloche •

Bariloche is located in Argentina, in the Southwest of the province of Río Negro, at the foot of the Andes. You can reach Bariloche by airplane, car, bus or train.

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Discover Mount Catedral

Mount Catedral

Located 19 km away from Bariloche, this mountain has the largest ski center in the southern hemisphere. You can go on different adventure tours all year round.
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Discover Mount Tronador

Mount Tronador

Located 90 km away from Bariloche, it's the highest mountain around. One of its seven glaciers, Ventisquero Negro, is located at its base where you can practice ice hiking.
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Discover Mount Otto

Mount Otto

You get to the top through a car road or using the well-known cable cars. You can enjoy incredible sceneries and relive them from the 360º spinning café.
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Discover Mount Campanario

Mount Campanario

You can climb the mountain on foot or take the chair lift and once you get to the top you'll have one of the best views in the area. Also, there's a cafeteria at the summit.
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Discover Mount Viejo

Mount Runge

Located just ten blocks away from the Civic Center. A chair lift will take you to the top and you can come down on a giant slide. An ideal plan for kids and teenagers.
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Discover Mount Leones

Mount Leones

Only 15 km to the east of Bariloche. Formed by the remains of an ancient volcano. Guided tours to caves with native paintings.
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Discover Mount Challhuaco

Mount Challhuaco

The Valle del Challhuaco is 20 km away from the city, home to Espacio Neumeyer which offers winter activities and food services. Hiking is available all year round.
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Discover Mount López

Mount Lopez

25 km away from Bariloche, near Colonia Suiza, you can practice canopy, take 4x4 tours, go hiking, and visit the López, Roca Negra, and Extremo Encantado huts.
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Discover Playa del Centenario

Playa del Centenario

Located East of the city. It is one of the broadest and popular, ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.
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Discover Playa del Centenario

Playa del Centro

Located across from the Civic Center, it is one of the most popular because of its location and easy access.
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Discover Playa Melipal


Located at km 4 of Bustillo Avenue. It is a picturesque beach, with rocks, ideal for children to have fun.
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Discover Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita

This traditional beach is located at km 8 of Bustillo Avenue, and there you can rent scuba-diving and kayaking gear.
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Discover Playa del Viento

Playa del Viento

On the coast of Lake Moreno. You get there from km 14 on Bustillo Avenue. Chosen by residents for kitesurfing.
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Discover Playa de los Coihues

Villa Los Coihues

Located 15 km from the civic center, on Lake Gutiérrez. It is a very popular beach.
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Discover Tacul

Villa Tacul

Located at km 29 of Short Circuit. Surrounded by woods, it is ideal to spend the day.
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Discover Bahía López

Bahía López

Located on Short Circuit, it is a beach with broad shores and has a public boat launching area.

Discover Western Bariloche

West Lake Gutiérrez

You get there after traveling 2 kilometers along the west side of Lake Gutiérrez. From there, you can visit Cascada de los Duendes.
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Discover East-Southern Bariloche

East and South

If you follow the shoreline of Lake Gutiérrez on the East, you will find beaches that are ideal to spend the day.
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Discover Playa Mascardi

Lakes Guillelmo, Mascardi and Steffen

On Route 40, heading towards El Bolsón, there are great campsites, sites for picnic and fishing.
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Discover Playa Serena

Playa Serena

Located at km 12 of Bustillo Avenue. It is a quiet and familiar beach, and the water is slightly warmer.
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Discover the Civic Center

Civic Center

One of the things you cannot miss in Bariloche. You cannot go home without visiting the beautiful historic center, walking down Mitre street and seeing the monumental Cathedral.
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Discover Colonia Suiza

Colonia Suiza

National capital of Curanto or "hot stone cooking". This is where most European immigrants settled when they arrived in the region in the 19th century. Just 25 km from Bariloche. Ideal to get a taste of the local cuisine.
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Discover Puerto Pañuelo

Puerto Pañuelo

25 km from the center of the city, in the proximities of San Eduardo Chapel and the Llao-Llao Hotel. This is where the traditional visits to the Nahuel Huapi lake begin.
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What you need to know about winter


  • June 21 to September 20.
    Days are cold and snowy. Temperatures are between 0º and -10ºC.


  • In the snow, the secret is knowing the properties of the materials and wear at least three layers of clothes.


  • Use antifreeze liquid. Do not accelerate or brake suddenly. Use the shaft. Drive using ice and snow chains when necessary.


  • See the mountains current conditions here.

  • TIPS

  • Voltage is 220 V and sockets are TYPE I.
    International code: +54 / Area code: 294.
    Supermarkets do not offer plastic bags.


  • Hours: Mondays through Fridays, 8.00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    The currency used is the Argentine Peso.


  • In the city center, parking is charged digitally.
    Remember to purchase credit at authorized points of sale.

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